How I Can Help

I receive many requests for help from entrepreneurs based on my experience and the content of this blog. While I enjoy helping, I am not always the best person to help depending on the problems you are facing. To help save both of us time, I’ve put together a list of the main ways I can help you build your company. You can find it on my website or in this post below.

This list was inspired by Leo Polovets (who has a great blog that you should read) and his “Ways I Can Help” post. If you think I can help you based on what you see here, feel free to contact me as I’d love to help.

How I can help you build your business:

1. Leadership and Team Building

Over the past 20 years as a CEO and CTO I have built teams as small as 3 and as large as 100 across multiple industries, hiring everyone from interns to senior executives. I can act as an executive coach for you and help you improve your management skills, and/or help you with any of the following:

  • Recruiting and interviewing strategies.
  • Onboarding processes and team mentorship.
  • Providing effective feedback and performance reviews.
  • Team motivation and chemistry.
  • Dealing with problem employees.

2. User Interface/User Experience Design

I have spent over 15 years building award winning user interfaces for both consumer and enterprise companies, working as both an independent designer and with some of the top design firms. I can help with:

  • Usability studies and customer surveys.
  • Wireframing and user flow designs.
  • Visual design including color palettes and font choices.
  • Design reviews and peer evaluations.

3. Marketing and Sales Strategies

I have successfully grown businesses from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers and tens of millions in revenue. I can help with:

  • Designing your launch plans and messaging.
  • Building a customer communications plan.
  • Refining your sales pitch.
  • Preparing for investor pitches.

4. Complex Algorithm Design

I have a Masters degree in computer science with a focus in Machine Learning, which I have applied to complex problems faced by real businesses. I also provide open source libraries that implement common machine learning and other complex algorithms. I can help with:

  • Complex algorithm design and evaluation.
  • Machine Learning applications, model and feature selection.
  • Complexity analysis.

5. Large Scale Software Systems Scaling

At Flurry, I built one of the largest data processing systems in the world spanning thousands of servers and multiple data centers. I can help with:

  • Capacity planning and load testing.
  • Security and compliance protection.
  • Large scale/distributed software architecture.
  • Systems design and monitoring strategies.

6. Analytics and Business Intelligence

I have helped dozens of companies across a dozen industries design their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics dashboards and analytics to help improve their business. I can help with:

  • Analytics tool selection.
  • KPI selection and monitoring.
  • Metrics investigation and analysis.
  • General business analysis and intelligence.

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