Recommended Reading

While I would like to think this blog is a useful resource to learn about starting companies, there are many important topics that I will never get into great detail. I have started to assemble a Reading List that includes all of the books that I have found useful. You can find it by clicking on Reading on the menu at the top. If you have the time, I recommend any/all of them as important background on your startup journey.

Sean on Startups Recommended Reading List

Note that many of the books on the list will not appear on other start up reading lists. I find books that go deep into one topic with scientific and/or large scale studies to back them up to be the most useful learning tools. Priceless, for example, boils down decades of research into behavioral psychology to help you understand how to price your products. The fundamentals you learn there are almost universally applicable in business and not biased by my opinion or others.

If you know of other books that I should add to the list, please let me know. Enjoy!

(Note: Yes, those are affiliate links on the reading list page. Feel free to not click on them and search for yourself, but I need to pay the hosting fee for this blog somehow. There isn’t enough money in affiliate fees to motivate me to recommend something I don’t truly think is useful.)

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